Catherine Sutera

My Bio:

Catherine Sutera is a New York Native, born and raised in Brooklyn.

Catherine obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management with a Video Arts concentration at Five Towns College in Long Island, NY where she also resided for 2 years. 

During Catherine's time on Long Island, she worked as the video lab manager at Five Towns and collaborated on two major video projects with classmates. These experiences helped shape her skills in organization, project management, and teamwork. 

She took an internship at Westbury Music Fair which gave her the opportunity to perform in two plays at the Brokerage Comedy Club on Long Island. It also lead to a staff accountant job where she worked for 11 years with the largest live entertainment company in the world. 

With a thirst for knowledge and learning new things, it was time for a career change...and the door to Real Estate opened.

Catherine is now a part of Keller Williams, the largest Real Estate franchise in the world. 

With her dedication, diligence, and professionalism, she puts her all into new endeavors. Catherine enjoys walking her clients through every step of the real estate process, ensuring a smooth and successful experience for Investors, Buyers and Sellers alike.