Andrew Faria

My Bio:

Brooklyn native, Andrew Faria, is an acknowledged and reputable man of his industry. Along with notable recognition, Andrew has received success in his community and the people he services in real estate. 

Having previously worked as a Starbucks barista, Andrew proved himself to be both diligent and persistent while he started a company in interior painting and design. The business eventually propelled him further into what would become his true calling - Real Estate

Initially, Andrew began his career with Weichert Realtors where he quickly found success - listing more homes in the Sunset Park region than any other employee. Soon after, he received the highest accolade at the time – The President’s Award – for his determination and overall achievements with the company.

It wasn’t long before Andrew grew further into real estate alongside a company that would maximize not only his career - but the quality of service he could potentially bring to any of his clients. Andrew has since been an agent of Keller Williams Realty Empire, where he strives daily to provide selfless assistance and professionalism.

With great pride, he has fostered the belief that happiness can be attained - be it in his career or home life - when he puts the needs of others first. He hopes that his clients can equally rely on him when it comes to making one of the biggest decisions of their lives!